Magic Spells

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Author spudzalot
Tags author:spudzalot ghosty playable puzzle-ish rated
Created 2010-07-14
Last Modified 2010-07-14
by 13 people.
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Description -- Press H Before Loading --

I kinda like how this one turned out. Hidden tiles and such so please press H before loading. Also sorry about making you have to walk across the roof twice, I couldnt get my teleporter to work. But its also good because you have a chance to find the secrets again. ;P

-- Pres H Before Loading --

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Demo Data
very cool. Loved this map. Great work!
Sorry about that. I guess you'll never see it now. It was like 6000+ frames XD

Absurdly slow AGD

The best adventure i think i've ever had. I really felt like I was discovering the map as i went. Brillaint. 5aved.

Agd (underclocked)

excellent action puzzlish experimental map.
Demo Data

A lot faster.

Demo Data


:P Speedrun.
Demo Data

Thanks for the demos and such guys. :)


Speedierun 50 frame +- improvablE
Demo Data

so intense
Very cool. I liked everything except the laser, which killed more times than it surprised me. Overall, a very fun map.
Demo Data
Demo Data

Well cool.

I played alot of the parts beforehand before making a full demo, so that's why i'm so pro. Still, cool little map. Really fun to mess around in, great job. :)
Demo Data

i like the launchpad through the tiles. it excited me,
Demo Data


I wanted this to be less trial and error and more things that surprised you but werent actually dangerous. I think some parts work nice. :)
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