Castlevania 4 Level 17: Approach of the Devil

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags action agd author:wordblamcreator cv4 hard unrated wbc
Created 2010-07-15
Last Modified 2010-07-15
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Description Nathan struggled up out of the cave, he panted desparately as he did his best to rid his lungs of the cavern's foul air. Staring up into the cloud filled sky he saw it... The demon fortress, Castlevania.

Tall spires climbed high into the sky, disappearing through the grey-blanket which covered the sun. There was nothing welcoming about it, nothing not even a glaring face.

The sound of a truck engine starting up startled him, and much to his surprise he saw that there was a crane loading several boxed onto a flat-bed. Cautiously he approached, his nerves were none-comforted by the forboding structure he had heard so many stories of.

A worker saw his approached and called to a supervisor. Exactly what the worker said Nathan couldn't tell for the distance and car motors distorted the sound. The supervisor approached him.

"Hello, are you from... ah... Arikado?" He asked slowly making sure not to give anything away to quickly.

Nathan, still panting, answer him, "yes, I am."

"Good, now that your here we can hopefully begin sorting out this mess. Follow me." The man turned and motioned for Nathan to follow. "This all started two weeks ago, when the first team disappeared inside. Only a day after our search and rescue team went missing. Bu-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Nathan cut the man off, "First off, who are you and why are you telling me?"

The man gave a long stare, the weighing of trust was easy to see in his expression. "He did send you didn't he?"

Nathan nodded.

"Hmph... My name is Graham Jones. And they disappeared inside of that." He pointed his hand toward the towering castle who's shadow loamed over them like a giant. "Well I suppose I should show you inside." Graham began walking and Nathan, not wishing to be left behind followed.

Nathan stopped, the statue beside him seemed to glare at him. He had an uneasy feeling...

"Ah this one!" Graham said making Nathan jump, though for the heavens of him he knew not why. "This fine marble statue will be going to the Louvre in Paris. A rather unique find to be honest, never in any other archaeological expedition have I ever found a statue of a werewolf." A work team came by them momentarily and carted the effigy away.

Nathan continued to stare as the enourmous carving was being transported away. It looked so real, even for some of the sculpture he had seen in his travels, and that glare...

Something struck the ground near him, it gave a 'zing'-ing sound. Nathan looked up alarmed, a person was at the window of the turret guarding the gate.

"GET DOWN!" Graham yelled.

Nathan stood, something told him that the shooter wasn't human.

Yep that's right everybody we're going into the castle finally. I hope that you enjoyed your journey here. Anyhow... Please PLEASE don't forget to rate, comment, and post demos. THANKS! :)

This map is dedicated to: Aerodynamic []

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that I have no idea why it was there... and just assumed that I had a good reason for putting it there.. apparently I didn't.

oh, um

I was actually complaining about the trap door you added in the chamber with the gauss in it.


yes I don't remember why I added the gauss, I made this map like.. 2-3 months ago so... Anyway the gauss section if a slightly altered version of 1 side-section of CV4's level 3: A meeting with Beelzebub... or some spelling along those lines.

ah, thanks

I would like to leave my short proper comment now, but I just couldn't resist paralleling my last comment before :P. I really like the chaingun and lasers, but the gauss area was kinda annoying (until I got the hang of it, i guess), and the only thing I really disliked was the trap door you added in the gauss chamber :( WHY did that need to be there?
And another excelent run by Aero.


this map goes perfectly with a little chico trujillo...
"y es normal que así presienta como andar."
Apparently Aldo Asenjo "no (viene) a buscar." Fascinating.
Demo Data


I almost had an AGD, but screwed it up at the end. Quite fun this one.

You're right

This is fun. Thanks bro <3


it's too laggy on my computer.
Got any games I might like?


because I asked them to.