My large triangle is breaking down

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Author ENT474
Tags author:ent474 playable redone unrated
Created 2010-07-15
Last Modified 2010-07-15
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Description Originally I made this map in 2008 ish, when I first came to Numa. I never finished it. This Chamber originally opened up to like 4 other chambers. It looked pretty bad, so I fixed it up and made it a bit better. Yay.

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Here is a tileset that i made now for you, if you like it you can place things in it, you can change the tileset or you may just throw it away :)

If you want to make a tileset for me to fill it, it fits to me too. However you wish, i'm in.



I'd love to collab with you, but i can't say that i've got talent :P
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I love remaking maps :3