Make A Wish [Redux]

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Tags action author:zthing ghosty numacon rated throwndownawishingwell zmap
Created 2010-07-15
Last Modified 2010-07-15
by 34 people.
Map Data

Description Throw yourself in and wish for survival.

Redux of BP's What Goes Well []

My second submission for NUMACON/Ghosty

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Holy crap

a lot of comments. :O
If you like hardcore you could go for Breaking Benjamin too. :D
And I'm sorry, I rated it 5 and nothing changed. :(


this is a grand map. Idk why it's rated 2. :(
I know what you mean about under the radar.. :(
So anyhow have you heard of Anberlin? VERY good. Look up "the feel good drag"..
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is also very good, more like yellowcard, but a little heavier. :) If I think of any more I'll tell ya'! :D

hey friend

you're invited to these two competitions:

07-0: Mined Area 36 []
07-4: Mined Area 40 []


you still map?




added an exit
It almost made my brain overheat!


My How-to-do-it-fast-AGD is included.
Demo Data

hey zthing

keep running into u on Nreality speedrun...keep pwning u :D

you use nreality for scoring now!!
plus, stop unmaking maps >:c


He sounds like a douchebag.

Why thank you.

By the way, why are there so many rates, yet such a low average rating?
I like your maps, too. This one is tough, working on a demo.

hi tox box

cool avatar you have

now what does it show?
then why o why do you never post your demo's on Nreality and wy are you not seen as a notorious highscorer on the charts, because you have the skills for it, if you don't FBF, so prove you didn't fbf by posting your score on Nreality.

Ignore the link. I'll make you a btter ded.


why dont i ever see you on nreality speed run or highscore if you can pull those off?
Leaves the real one far behind.
It explains that I can't really work on that right now. It also explains why I haven't done one in a while. In the fall I plan to do one. Wait, make that mid-August.
So I did the next best thing and rated it a 5.

Holy balls.


I think it

got sniped

I would appreciate

if you could rate the map please :3

There's time.

I will make a full column (50 maps).
Episodes 0, 1, 2, 3 are finished + 04-0 and 05-0 = 22 maps.
But we could start now. Do you want to make a simple tileset? It shouldn't be symmetrical 'cause the other two collabs in the pack are symmetrical maps.


Would you like to make a collab map for my upcoming simplicity map pack? ;D

BTW: Stupid snipers. ;/
'wtf just happened? That's pretty damn cool.' (good confusion)

I agree with nevershine though. I blundered a lot through the bottom part a lot (bad confusion)

No problem.

I'm going to make a lot more when my return map comes out. I'm doing something special every time an n-art of mine comes out, to help alleviate the problems of people getting annoyed when one is claiming the top for an extended time. Hint: wait I already said a hint of what the next one is ;)
This thing scaired me. I didn't have much idea to what was going on, and it felt confusing.
However, after gathering my senses, I think I understand how it works.
Quite difficult.