Chinese garden

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Author brainstone
Tags action author:brainstone featured rated
Created 2010-07-18
Last Modified 2010-07-18
by 16 people.
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Description RCE.

This map was featured on 2011-04-28

If a Chinese garden looks like this, I know where I'm going on my next vacation. However, Chinese plants are fragile and their flower stalks break easily by touching door switches. Therefore, the gardeners keep always their eyes on them - literally.

That doesn't affect you? Fine... feel free to explore brainstone's botanic art, remember the patrol paths and collect the golden pollen as long as you can!

Hǎoyùn! ('Good luck!') — Chrdrenkmann

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great choice Chrdrenkmann, good mapping brainstone, good five rate zoasBE!

I love brainstone maps. The tiles and objects always seem like one entity.

love it

I thought the lasers worked wonderfully.


but still quite enjoyable.


very good feature and review 5
while pretty, the tiles seemed overly awkward, and the two lasers constricted what should've been open, easy gameplay at the top after such a crowded, more technical lower section

Cool map.

congrats brainstone!!


Demo Data


Demo Data

Love the beginning.

2nd try agd.
Demo Data

Stylish tiles.

Great laser drones too; couldn't get the last two switches though