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Author GRN
Tags action author:grn etdeshon grn invalid race rated
Created 2010-07-19
Last Modified 2010-07-19
by 10 people.
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Description 3 way collab between me, Etdeshon and Invalid.

Hope you guys enjoy.

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and not many people even notice that. thats one reason why i dont map myself anymore.

Its fine for me.

I'd update it but I can't after its got a public rating .. :|

just saying

i cant beat this fast without cheating
the laserdrone kills me at the end everytime

noncheatable vrs


works brilliantly except for the left chaingun. There were two places where I could kill me. At the second pass of it if I went too fast, it would delay firing and get me when i hit the launchpad, and also on the fall down to the exit key it got me in the back a couple of times. Sin embargo, the climb on the right hand side was exceptional.
Demo Data
Demo Data

The path

Seems a little unclear at certain points. But nice use of objects and enemies.


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