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Author Life247
Tags author:life247 collab dda kradda rated wizard2
Created 2010-07-20
Last Modified 2011-04-11
by 47 people.
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Description A KRADDA collab with Wizard2 []. He started and we switched off every 250 frames or so, and I did the last part. This is dedicated to incluye [] for helping me modify the theme for my blog []. Also, the ratings are enabled for romaniac. I hope you're happy.

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I lost count of how many times the rocket almost explodes, but doesn't. Masterful execution.

YOU SHould have...

put 12 pieces of gold in so it would end on exactly 69 in userlevels... :P




You get a five. :3

And as I said on IRC, fantastic job keeping the rocket close to the ninja.
don't know what some peeps are on about..

WTB ghosty results


I like it

but there were large periods of time where the rocket was just travelling empty space.

great dda


excellent work.

this is just incredible KRADDA.
But I feel "relatively short" is not an accurate choice of words. How many frames should a DDA have to be considered "good" for you?


if i sound like donnie downer, i'm just notorious for not liking dda's, therefore, i tend to be a bit more critical of them.

also, i won't rate.


it wasn't that great; it was relatively short with not much going on. i wasn't a fan, at least.


absolutely wasteful, talentless rubbish.



non fbf 0.o
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DDA collab ;o



I find these kinds of DDAs kinda groovy, but I think I've just seen so many that they are starting to become dull to me. But I can see you guys put a great deal of work into this map so gratz.



will submit to nreality when it works...
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NReality w00t.
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first I thought one of you made the tiles, and the other mad
e the objects... but no


I know, the rocket pathing was fantastic, but yeah, I prefer more action.

And BluePretzel, I respect that you and I have different definitions about what constitutes a good KRADDA, but I feel that you need to focus more on the single enemy (the rocket) and use it to the fullest extent possible. If you prefer eye candy DDAs (lots of things going on at once) I have several others you may want to see.

And thank you romaniac for comparing this to Clifty's masterpiece. To that, I must remind you that he preceded me and Wizard2 by almost four years. His map uses mostly 4 tiles, because he never would have dreamed of what we could do with the versatility of the rockets and their paths. We tried to go for more of a modern approach, pushing the rocket to the extremes of tile-breaching.

Also, the whole 'map 203000' was not intentional at all, but I'll take it. :D
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Highly technical.



I am I am

I am happy now <3

BluePretzel has the wrong idea. This is to showcase superior control over the rocket, with many stylish close calls without excessive use of trapdoors. I think this is better than Clifty's Chasers War [] because it is just more of an art, with the rocket through 38 tiles, some of them exceptionally difficult to pull off.
Like that close call in the bottom left. It's just genius to watch.


It takes 1800 frames, you finish with a score of 45.0, and this is map no 203000.

The KRADDA part was awesome, but it felt kinda... boring. Not really enough action. I'm sorry if others dissagree with me, but I felt some other enemies with more close causes could have lightened it up a bit (not to take away from the rocket of course). Maybe just a few mines to spiffen it up. That's my thoughs anyway.
5/5 for the KRADDA itself, 3/5 overall, averaging to a 4/5 from me.


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Very Clifty


I watched Blindness

it was a brilliant movie - thanks :D

Great map

Lovin' this


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I can haz fast?

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