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Author Cerberus[]
Tags action author:cerberus[] featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2010-07-21
Last Modified 2010-07-21
by 14 people.
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Description AC

This map was featured on 2011-03-23

With one of the slickest mine fields of 2010, Fireworks is a winner. The mines are placed with extreme care and just getting top alone provides the player with a very present feeling of satisfaction. Upon making it to the top, you're presented with a chaotic drone section that requires planning and precision. Not only is this map extremely difficult, but Cerberus's style comes out here in a beautiful way. Good luck with this monster, it plays as well as it looks! — blackson

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Still agree, one of the best maps that I've played, it just works on all the levels.
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It's really difficult and satisfying, and one of the best-looking maps I've seen. Very unique.

congrats on the feature!

Pretty challnging map & nice review.
to my senses about what an all around amazing map is.

well done 5aved no doubt

Excellent choice.

I stand by everything I said back in July.

slowest AGD haha

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bit too precise at times, but still outstanding, especially structure-wise. great author in general.

great authors consistently make good/great maps and should/do get more features. the notion that featuring a map by a very well-known author with many features is "too easy" and happens on a regular basis i think is unfounded for the reasons enlightened mentioned. oddly enough, i consider myself to be one of those one-hit-wonder types mapping-wise with only a few really nice maps and even i have two features, just something to think about.


that was well said, brother.

Fastest AGD

definitely worth its rating.
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I completely agree with eNlightened.

and thus,

the "dooraboveground" revolution was started.
The "another X feature" comments always confuse me. I recognize most of the ones here are facetious, but they are genuine elsewhere.

I don't really care who the author of a map is, only how it plays/looks. Personally this is probably one of the best put together maps I've ever played. Both mine and drone sections were just perfect btw.

Anyways, back to overfeatured map makers. Two reasons:
1) Good mappers are often fairly consistent, there aren't too many one hit wonders on nmaps.
2) It's a lot easier to look through maps by known 'good' mappers than it to sift through dozens of generally lower quality maps.

The second is questionable, but frankly I don't really care who it is as long as the map is good. If you want to ensure it's a new name every time I suggest you apply to be a reviewer yourself.

Otherwise I assume it's a lot greater time investment to only find good maps by unfeatured reviewers. If you're not willing to invest that yourself, then complaining that you aren't getting anything more than a good map is pretty weak. That's all reviewers really signed up for...

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as do the other underrated mappers on numa such as atob and losttortuga

(excellent map, absolutely 5aved, the drone section is perfect)
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yeah i don't see yahoozy on the featured maps page and i think he deserves a few

yeah cerberus is too popular feature someone who has too few features. like yahoozy.
he's too popular

I beat this and am proud of myself. Very nice design and execution. 5/5
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aw shit
Cerberus is huge influence to me, I wish more maps like these would be featured. That mine section is like stylistic sendy, i loved it.

blackson = spoiler alert

I loved this

the starting was awesome, the drones were very well timed for ease of access, and it was just plain fun.
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unless somebody beats me to it :D
Oh dog mannit Skyline.

This map is grade A. You're grade A.


amazing map
my old computer would have had the same problem as skyline but i got a new one runs N awesomely so had plenty o fun playin this map

The drones

made this map lag a lot for me but that's definitely one of the coolest minefields in recent times.

A shortcut

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All gold!

Faster this time. If I were still a reviewer, I'd probably feature this. Great stuff.
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All gold!

But not as fast as Cerbs. I love the tension in this map. Between the mine-jumper and the drone hallways, you're always on your toes. And yet, it's not the OMG-this-is-borderline-impossible kinda tension. I think it arises more from the knowledge that you could take your time and complete the map fairly easily, and yet everything is /just/ open enough to be done with a bit of bravado. It's an invitation, and I accept. Lovely map. 5aved.
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You're really good at this game :O

this looks nice

Faved for later play.

All gold!

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I got stuck.

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