i never want to see your fucking face again

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags author:radiumfalcon easy hard minejumper rated
Created 2010-07-24
Last Modified 2010-07-24
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description dedicated to romaniac [] for his epic corner-jump on this [] map. enjoy.


Fastest speedrun by tomorrow gets feedback on 3 maps of their choice

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if i were up to get focused on design in a map, i would hear opinions that i do a rip-off of destiny. if i were up to make strange but not jagged tiles, i would hear opinions that i do a rip-off of you. you know why i don't have a style (and don't want to)? i don't want to be limited by my own way of mapping, i always wanted to do something different than my last map, always wanted to be inspired by somebody else in my next map. maybe my maps seem to be repetitive, but everybody has a limit of ideas, yeah?
Holy assfuck dude! Remember when you sent me a link to a pastebin saying it was the best map you ever made and you wanted me to play it, but then the paste fucked up and you lost the map. Well, i took the little bit of tiles it gave me, and I made a tileset out of them, and then i made a map out of that tileset. And I fucking love the map. It's seriously sexy imo. And there is the link, so play it. It requires some final touchups, but seriously. I came when i made it... not actually though... okay maybe just a little LOLOL :3

Awesome map.

Cornerjumps, cornerjumps, cornerjumps.
I made things a little more flowy, and tried something a little more interesting with the chaingunn. more bouncies on right side to make the climb more interesting and fun. Not sure how to place gold in this though. Great tiles, very creeative. Thanks for asking me it means a lot to me as a mapper.

PS: High five for us both being in a mappers rut!


forget the first comment still a nice map
btw nice map 4/5
Too tedious. NR. Collab some time?
then you shouldn't throw yourself about like some kind of know-all, especially when you're commenting on lack of diversity and your own style is so readily recognisable.

Also: don't be so insecure.
Those are more important then some ded on a map, I think. Anyway, Thanks for the comment. When I'm back on my N computer then I'll give a few mappies a whirl :)

I do not hate you but have never completely liked you. The only thing you ever said directed at me was Last time I checked, you weren't a good mapper. Oh wait. You still aren't.

Good afternoon,

I re-tiled this; X [].

First try.

Cool map, cool tiles.
Demo Data



not that i could of snuck away from my family and visited you anyway but i would of been like an hour away ;-;


also, california in two weeks :D

it's gonna be so hot though :o
I just wish I could compete with it. :\

nobody appreciates my faster run ;__;

oh, and

pretty interesting title for a dedication map :S


Zthing, that's a crazy demo.
loving this minejumper, it's very well thought out with multiple routes and plenty of opportunity for run improvements.

Demo Data
but there's no denying that everything was carefully placed, and imo it's done well from what i've been able to get through.


Demo Data


Demo Data


tied L55
Demo Data

beat this

Demo Data


Demo Data


nreality too for any doubters.
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Sorry that my map bored you man, I'll try to make my next one harder



I rated this a 4. Know it is a 5aved for sure.

Slow AGD

Demo Data


but I'll just go AGD now :P


That was a really great start lightning!

Im gonna go for AGD

And if I get it, I think I deserve a prize. :)

Anyways, this map is pretty tingly.