Time Challenge: No more gold in the mine shafts

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Author Cloudy
Tags action author:cloudy fastest rated speedrun time
Created 2010-07-24
Last Modified 2010-07-24
by 7 people.
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Description Just a lil' Time Challenge. Copy it into your user levels for the time challenge. Beat the level in 90 seconds with only 3 pieces of gold.

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Oh, i just read it's a time challenge.
So from now on i'm not counting the length of playing time as a defect.


Tileset looks pretty cool. It evokes illustrative images.
Using trapdoors like mines is good idea, but here didn't work. Trapdoor is passable (because in same place there is an open door).

Overall, it grants no action and a bit long, but anyways i liked it.

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Demo Data


the tiles are... just not really good let's say :|s

the map is also horribly repetetive... just like cooking my special pasta for daddy for the 242nd time.


people tend to like more open maps. they're more fun.

Good Lord

You're quick o_o


Even with the edit, which was minor anyways I think, right?
Demo Data
But good.

Pretty good idea...

It just seems a little long, imo.

Sorry guys...

Something must have gone wrong while pasting the map data, now the key should be there. But thanks for trying,
Now it should work~
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Going through the trapdoors.
Demo Data


This is my slow demo without just running straight through the trapdoors.

Created at 8:13 in the morning on about 0 hours of sleep.
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but you can cheat it.
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