Walk Through Walls

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 concept experimental one-ways puzzle rated
Created 2010-07-24
Last Modified 2010-07-24
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description Make your analysis ever played a map like this?

Partly inspired by amlt

no. 52

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This is weird..

But amazing, like most of your maps :D

It's better

when watching your demo than it is playing it.


Crazy idea here...
Well... Anyhow. I thought that it was just too much. I'm not intrigued to carry on. I don't know what else to say :P It was just... to much, not enough space to move on.


and this is, as yahoozy said, a neat map.

i think my coupon

got lost in the mail

I was taking a very "brute force" approach to this map, but I recently discovered that there was a better way.


You're a clever one...
Because I slid on the tile, not the oneway.

Crazy... !!! 5

I uh... what?

I got all the possible switches (meaning all the opens that open that stack of doors) and got to the top, then positioned myself to fall down. Result? I nick a oneway and die. I call bullshit.


And I also love your Moon avatar.

Love it

you have great ideas!


the coolest concepts come from you :)

this is cool


yes I remember amlt

but it wasn't quite the same thats actually partly what inspired this but I couldn't find it to reference.

Heres a demo

though it will be 7 times as fun and rewarding if you work it out for yourself :)
Demo Data
Demo Data

Damn it.

Demo Data


I got far.
Demo Data

Get on IRC

If you can

Omg I gots it!

Aw crud ;_;
Demo Data

oh mythrhythmthej

your so close just keep on experimenting with it the start is a clue if your still stuck in a little bit I'll post a demo.

I'm stuck

Demo Data