seven sleaze shoal

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Author notkitt
Tags author:notkitt unrated wordgram
Created 2010-07-27
Last Modified 2010-07-27
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Description its a wordgram

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I hate faster people.
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Average. 3.
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if you must know


the chaser room was intense. the upper part was awesome.
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I disagree

im_bad_at_usernames, the thumbnail drew me in pretty efficiently.

Also, I had to change my pants after that seeker dodge.
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Yeah, notkitt ... learn aesthetics. Idiot.

AGDD, yo.
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It has good gameplay, but really work on the tiles, to catch people's attentions. The whole right side is empty, except that random floorguard.. spice it up a bit with tiles that make the map more appealing.

Good aesthetics is an important concept to learn
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