The Purple Theory

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Author GRN
Tags action author:grn grn hard rated
Created 2010-07-27
Last Modified 2010-07-27
by 12 people.
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Description Heres what I've been working on for the past week.

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Anything good?!?

This whole map is really good. I've been trying to make an action map for days.. i'm jealous :(

For an aesthetics factor, z-snap the oneways facing right and down, so that they flow perfectly with the tiles. that's my only problem. The launchpads in the walls were unexpected, but i went around them ;)

i'll have a demo soon, but 5aved. It was really nice :)


i'm not great at making maps cheat proof. But the bottom right was simply a path to get the gold, or you could jump between the two mines. I thought after people had seen that that it'd glitch up after you tried wall jumping to get the key, they'd stay away from it and take the proper path.. Imo the generic drone patters created a nice challenge, but whatever. The chaingun was created like that on purpose, its not supposed to be a room to mess around in, just get the door key and finish. And yeah bufar, never actually took that into consideration..
Anything good about this map ?

I cannot get the first switch in this map without dieing, and it's because you decided that one-ways would look better than tiles in the bottom-right corner. Not only are they difficult to chimney with, but they also let me into that "room" behind them all the time.


the main thing that bothered me is that you only need one drone for that train. also, you used the same generic drone mechanic twice in this map. the glitched tiles were annoying too. the gauss was a good and powerful enemy. the chaingun room was overcramped.
but you need to fix the cheats


Bad, I think

I really wanted to walljump there to get the key.

good or bad?


What the?

Those tiles O_o
Demo Data
this is actually very fun and has a nice flow to it. faved
Demo Data

Pretty cool!