DDA 01: Lucky Ninja

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Author Cloudy
Tags author:cloudy dda rated rockets thwumps
Created 2010-07-27
Last Modified 2010-07-27
by 7 people.
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Description As the title already sais, this is my first DDA ever. 50 seconds with Thwumps and Rockets. So please rate and comment - honest, but not too harsh.

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I love DDA's! And i deeply respect DDA makers. I tried to make a DDA [], and i sucked.

The map is really long, includes good closecalls. I liked it.
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i'm not exactly a professional on DDA's but this is pretty good for a first DDA.4/5


I'll keep checking on this sseris

Agree with odyze.


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Here goes

I'm thrilled that you didn't use gold delay, that's a great start.

However the ninja often escapes the rocket or the rocket is blocked by trap doors (close calls are essential).

It did get more interesting in the bottom and top right where the ninja moved rapidly trough thwumps, those are my favorite close calls.

I don't mind it, but the use of bounce pads as propulsion is somewhat often considered dull or boring and I find that the making of a DDA is also more interesting without bounce pads.

Very good for a first and entertaining all-in-all


Really good for a first DDA!