Lost It All

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Author _destiny^-
Tags a7x action author:_destiny^- destiny nightmare playable rated
Created 2010-07-28
Last Modified 2010-07-28
by 7 people.
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Description I hadn't made a map like this for a while, so I did one.

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i like the tileset too. nice one, but i really didn't like the mines by the keys/exit switch. those were a wee bit too difficult for me.

if it weren't for those i'd have an agd by now ;_;


Quite easy, as they say. Very enjoyable. Like every other _destiny^-map, this is perfection. 5/5
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Thanks in advance :)


bbcode fail :P


really sorry to advertise, but as a fellow Riot buddy (baaad excuse i know), i was wondering if you could check out my latest race since your one of my favorite racemakers ^^.

again, sorry to advertise, i'll critique a couple of your maps when i get the chance :D

perfect difficulty

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I love it when you make these.
Getting the exit switch was a bit hard at first

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AGD. Nah, it's very easy, especially when compared with some of your other maps.
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feels like theres

a slight jump mod -_-


Medium difficulty.
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