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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags action author:radiumfalcon collab mist rated rf-collab the-expendables
Created 2010-07-28
Last Modified 2010-07-29
by 15 people.
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featuring miststalker06

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Can't figure out an aesthetically pleasing way to fill the gap up top. Also, I'm finding myself changing a lot of the tiles; I'm not trying to butcher your tiles, our styles just clash a lot since my conversion to the aesthetic side. Feel free to treat my revisions similarly.


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also we're doing a magic revival for the riot. sunset is participating. approval?
(me, shortshaft, sunset)
IWBTNINJA on your favorite guys list /twice/


That's good to hear, dude.


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I know you hate me and all, but we should collab :)
Or maybe I make a map myself for it?
I think I read a comment of yours somewhere asking someone to collab for your mappack... So is it true
I think we should collab.

Just sayin'
"haha flag i don't like you one bit. you make really bad maps,, and you're really critical."

that's fine

"i'm not happy with accepting what happened on the 7th."

that's also fine. whether you accept it or not neither changes anything or matters

"apparently you embrace lack of organization"

jerrod did nothing for the queue in the first six days of the year, there weren't any reviewers active, etc. so i stepped in, took over the queue and pm'd various inactive people with varying results. first thing i get is radium complaining about things

so tired of that

Haha Chris

I see no apology anywhere, maybe a half attempt at one that still makes you come off as a spoiled teenager

Bottom line it wasn't anyone's fault and your attempts at chastising everyone and shit didn't come off too well
I suppose that's all I can give you. :/

I had no intention of disrupting your map's time on the front page, I was, as flag so bluntly put it, 'being too serious as usual'.

There's nothing I can do about it now, and I am really sorry. I have no further answer to 'what the fuck is that'.


Same sexy style?

I was joking, I am very aware of you two being related, and thanks for the snipe rf/mahi. Whichever of you did it. Either way, you two are childish. I'm not fireburnsfree, believed or not, I don't mind either way, I would simply and kindly ask both of you to stay off my maps. I want neither one of you vialing up my maps with your scum. I respect you as mappers for you are both top notch on in your own styles, but as trolls/people you are terrible. You both comment on every single map I make, accusing me of being something that I am not. It has grown old and no one agrees, so I am asking kindly and as politely as I possibly can, please leave me, my maps, and my identity alone.
Thank you both.


seriously the admins can take care of multiaccounting.
your snipes don't bother me, it just means you care enough to rate my maps. In other words you care about me, and for that I say thanks ;)

happy birthday

happyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappyhappy birthday!


Not active here anymore but on forums yes.

Map comment: yes


...come on radium this map isn't difficult! to see that your still on here keepin it real... is a difficult map that u might remember idk...

on the other hand

you are quite the looker

make another map



send send send, oh yes baby!


I love you so much

you are a good person

aha, i know right.

psychic link/////////

I hate you so much

you are a bad person

This took a lot

to keep your turn in-tact. Our styles don't mesh very much :O

PM meeeeeee

Im excited...

aight thanks

is this map okay, or should I just trash it?

Ahah, that

was mainly a response to your comment here:

But hell, collab it up.

I made some tiles

thought they would work with you. Sorta the stuff you like.


Im down man, and same goes to you I've got a pack in the works and its ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN THIS TIME xD

Hint much?