The True Mine Jumper

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Author Oleary15
Tags author:oleary15 mine minejump minejumper minejumps mines unrated
Created 2010-07-30
Last Modified 2010-07-30
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description WARNING: Incredibally Challenging


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haha, nice seeing you're still on here too, never thought I was good, I was always trying to get as good as you LOL.

After Sunset's post I kinda thought I'd play a few levels, missed the game and thought why the hell not. Life just got me busy so hadn't really had the chance to play this game


nice to see a good linear mine jumper. 5/5
it's great to see you're still around, man :) i've been meaning to reply to what you said moooonths ago but i've been so up to my neck in college work and general STUFF that it just kept slipping my mind. Thanks, and yeah I did have a good run through the episodes, even if a lot of them have been taken since DAMN IT. I still play the game every so often but nowhere near as often, or with as much dedication really, college etc. I noticed you scraped a few frames off a coupla maps I scanned through which were pretty neat - obviously you haven't lost your game - but yeah, it's great to hear from you after this long. Hope you're doing well, and don't go forgetting your pals over in IRC! :D

check BLUR 4

It's all good

that run was crappy and I took it back anyways :)


I actually gotta go sleep now, gonna be back in several hours to check back on the mayhem :)


okay, have fun on my challenge maps ;)

It's cool

I like seeing a bit of competition every now and then :)


I guess we all love cornerjumps :D


a faster speed to go with it.
Demo Data


an AGD to beat. I think this map needed more mines. Floating ones too.
Demo Data


than geej15
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just completion. pretty fast in my opinion, still alot faster is achievable
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i die

right at the last fucking mine evry time.