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Author MattyMc13
Tags author:mattymc13 collab etdeshon iban race rated
Created 2010-08-04
Last Modified 2010-09-12
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Three way collab between myself, etdeshon [] and ibaN []. Took us a while to make, so enjoy!
Ded to da_guru [] for the fastest agd in my last map.

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erm, ok

Sure, I'll have a look.
and I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but I may be interested. What exactly did you have in mind?

i am

im just not around much lol. i dont mind collabing, but i may only work on it every monday :(

You'll want to check out the Black Olives subforum of Metanet Forums! Specifically this [] thread, with IRC info.

If you IRC I'm sure someone will be completely and utterly down to help you.

Hahaha. I am the wrong person to ask. I haven't made a race in several years and my sort fell out of style while I wasn't paying attention.

I thought you were gone! :O

Sure let's collab. A race you know... =P
at least you could have rated my map. :D


alright, thanks.

gameplay rather confused me. but considering those demos it looks like fun, when you know which path to take. 3.5^

may I remind you of your pending ded []? :D
you've done good to find inspiration to continue making race maps
Don't I count as good traffic anymore? ;_;

I also recently had the realisation that nobody has ever made as many race maps as I have. Isn't that impressive?

Destiny, the racemaker that survived.

Good use of 8's

It's not an easy thing to do, using 8's for flow. I think you pushed it a bit far with the doubling back off them though, that seems more like a gimick than a clever innovation.

Demo Data


...and the occasional person that can map decently but goes unnoticed.

Looking forward to it etdeshon! :D

I liked the 8 tiles, but i disliked the launch pads.

Some days, even weeks at a time, numa seems deserted. For the past few days the only people who seem to be on numa are noobs, snipers, and people who steal my maps and claim that they are their own.
Demo Data
natures_peril on nreality. Makes me believe that numa hasn't gone to the hounds yet....I've missed you , good to see you back.


i have to agree with you iban. and yeah its sad. i hate it, which is why i dont make much anymore. do expect to see one of mine soonish though. :D


All of numa has been that way for a very long time. Last I checked, not one of the headache entries was even rated! Or even have 3 rates at all. :/

But I had fun making this race, faved :)


not getting much attention. dont you just LOVE it. gah this is why you dont see me mapping much anymore...
chume, I don't know why you need me to check out your demo, but oh well :P I guess you just lost the speed on the left chimney and that's why you died. And BlackLion, sadly, we couldn't find a way to fix that :(


Gameplay with the 8 tile. I think i've never seen a race use this tile like that, it's really well done. The problem is the thwump in the top left corner: i touch it when i go out of the little room... And if you ga to fast at some parts you may died by the laser.
and don't really like the bottom right. The bits where you reverse of the curved tile are cool though.
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you might need it :P
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