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Author nevershine
Tags author:nevershine featured headache nreality rated survival
Created 2010-08-04
Last Modified 2010-08-04
by 24 people.
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Description use nreality. []

for "headache", this month's numacon. enjoy.

This map was featured on 2010-08-23

It skulks in shadows like a thief with the sharpest blade. It incubates under skin like the deadliest disease.

Every breath we take invites it in, with open hearts and hands.



"Something's amiss. The clock hand's accelerated. Has my time come so soon?

I shall run. I shall gather the greatest speed. I shall snatch my life back with every golden opportunity. I shall run for all time if that's what it takes.

I will /never/ give in..."

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Suck it, y'all
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oh btw

i think what would make this more awesome is if the trailing laser over a long time gets closer and closer.


and agd
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Awesome map.

Best survival I have played in ages, and the best use of nreality mods I've seen to date (admittedly I haven't seen many maps using them).

Yeah, awesome.


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great fun

good job, guy! I like this gameplay idea.

wow, this is neat.

thanks all :)

Nice :D

Died on 1.8k first time.

Oh and by "you people" I probably more meant "AMLT" but I kinda like the guy, so I didn't really want to fire it at him. But yeah I think all map 'genres' if you will, deserve to be examined for excellence. This map deserved a feature, but that's just imo.

Agree with Njitsu

Aside from that, it was a really well chosen feature, you people can whine and complain about it all you like, doesn't change anything. 4/5

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AMLT just be happy. ;-;
on the news page to see that this is the winner

i suppose you need to have your eyes open, though.
or be wearing your glasses/contacts in case your eyesight is very, very bad

or just be a cool person


The contest is written on numa news, not on forums, dorkie. :p
Peace. <3


I haven't played N in three years, just played this map. Fun.


great map
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holy crap

i fail.
AMLT, not ATOB. wtf am i on?



that super fun. good map.
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*it is

"Hahaha" btw because once more I realized amlt complaining about something. Hahaha. Get over it buddy, it's fun to play.
I enjoyed the italic written part but not the first part of the review which you had space between every line. It was a bit annoying too :p


The review was supposed to be a bit of fun too. Use your imagination a little.


AMLT /has/ to say something negative about a contest winner.

You're such a bore, dude.
I found atob's review far more pretentious than it should be. Dunno, I don't think it's a good review. I really like the map though, it's very challengive and has a original concept. The rocket goes well together with the rotating lazer, surprisingly. 4aved.
and will be returning to this one often, I think.

AMLT: Every map has a chance to be featured, no matter if it's either n-art or survival.
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the lack of exit is annoying more than fun.
still here's a lazy agd with stacks of rocket dodging action!
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nice review.

nice map.

Not my best demo

But the ability to recover with the bounceblocks from certain death (like shown) in this map made me a very happy survivalist
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I was doing good. /:
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Great review to accompany an awesome map.


Review's half an hour early, my clock was out. Soz.


well done


i've always thought that rotating lasers would be cool in a survival, this was well done and you definately deserve first.

and congrats, you deserved to win
but when you play it, the laser drones combined with the rocket made the map feel more like a constantly changing room, rather than just some circle. the rocket was a nice touch too. well made map