Castle Defense

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Author brainstone
Tags author:brainstone castle defense headache rated survival
Created 2010-08-06
Last Modified 2010-08-06
by 9 people.
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Description For Headache. As you can see this is a castle defense map. You have to defend your castle and survive as long as possible. Before you enter the castle you have the possibility to achieve updates for the castle. Achieve an update by activating a trapdoor. Enter the castle before the updating time runs out. You`ll probably have time for three updates.

Good luck.
DED for any 2000 frames demo.
Harder Version [] for players with more skills.

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This map iss tough! So fun though, congrats you won my vote. The most creative and entertaining mapout of the 5. I'm gonna go and keep playing.

Way too easy and cheatable. Concept good though.


I think maximo,

the idea is that you have to go to your castle.
but this was just too easy to cheat, the below is infinite btw.
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Congrats of making it into the top 5, regardless of how certain your place was. I mean, how could a map like this not?

congrats on 3rd place, you deserved it
very cool concept

i added you to my favourite authors on sidke's addon too
If I`ll win, I thank you all very much and my custom title shall be "The Creator".
that has a public rating. ;-P


clever concept

What am I saying

I forgot already you was the one cheating. Sorry ;)
Karma, your demo should theoretically still work.
to the screen and not watched the television, I would've just pulled the same move over and over again. :p
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And I finish the harder level without move.
almost like my first demo !

Tower defense was better.

the harder one :}
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No move and i Win !

I win without move !
Demo Data

I added

a harder version. Try it out. It has two additional seeker drones + two additional 5-tiles.

Haha destiny

Catle Defense :P


Oh I was surviving a laser show.
Demo Data


Excellent concept, very addictive map.
Please have a look at my demo, i'm sure it's possible to survive all the time with these update.
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if you want, but you're doing this for the community and not for me, and since this is a competition, I can't really make that decision for you

Okay, this was crazy. I had chainguns in there and then moved them out, because it would`ve beeen to frustrating for not so good persons. So you could say that karma has "beaten" this survival.
Maybe I should make a harder version of this?

the demo was going on for too long, I love this map, best survival since blue tetris
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damnit destiny...


You did the updating thing right. You have to chose which updates you want.
I personally could never beat 2000, really.

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I only managed to get three trapdoors though before i went into the castle. Either way, these 3000 frames were pretty easy.

This is an ingenious concept for a survival map. 5/5.
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