Becoming the Jackal

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Tags author:chaosfreak bitchin challenge fun hard-medium puzzle unrated
Created 2010-08-08
Last Modified 2010-08-08
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Description A crazy little map that im quite proud of.
Inspired by Villagers (Conner O'Bians) song "Becoming the Jackal".

Please enjoy. comment and rate.

p.s for the battery stage the keys for the locked doors must be collected in a certain order..... the code is 2,1,3,4.

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Speedrun. I like the battery stage key code. Very innovative. Not really a classy map because of how bad it looks but I enjoyed it. Check out author:astheoceansblue for some mapping techniques. :)
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Get a better computer? it runs fine on mine, no lag at all. (i have a windows 7, 2010 dell laptop with an I5 processor i recommend it to any body