Autumn Leaves

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Author killerman
Tags author:killerman dda rated
Created 2005-12-02
Last Modified 2005-12-02
by 29 people.
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Description Ok...i think ive learn't my lesson. So i wasn't going to stop making maps just because some random decides to rate all my maps zero. I guess i still regret deleting all my maps...the desision was a bit rash. Thanks to all the guys who persuaded me to stay on because i now realise comments are far better than votes. Anyway, this is a short DDA i made over the course of a few weeks. i decided to finish it off today (i like spent 20 minutes on it today). Its probably by far one of my best DDAs ive ever made and i tried to use as little gold delay possible but there was one spot where i couldn't resist coz there was just so many close calls.

My apologies to anyone who i may have offended. n-joy!

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2 years have passed, many advancements in DDA quality have been made, but this is still a great map.


this maps a 4 right now. do you care? everyone here is saying 5/5 and so am i. this is incredible. so what? some jerk on numa doesnt like you. hes giving you 0's probably with multi accounts. that kid is probably someone who posts maps no one plays, or cares about. dont worry about that person, you just keep making great maps, and your rewards are the feedback you get.


ugh shut up nevermore


You deleted all of your maps as well?
That's such a childish response to someone rating maps down.


its a work of art!!! i like the end bit where the rocket chases you right to the door


yeah...i guess i made a quick desision back then...


no sniper can take down a map lik that!


thanks for not leaving. i prophesy that most really bad map makers, snipers and idiots won't stay here for long. be patient...and make some more maps like that!!


This is an excellent DDA.

Excellent map - 5/5


I... cant... breathe....


Your back!!!


this is weird...i just realised a rocket actually goes straight through that ninja