patch run (lowlife remix)

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Author Life247
Tags apse author:life247 life-remixes unrated
Created 2010-08-14
Last Modified 2011-01-17
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description patch run []

Playtested by Zapmeister999.

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sub-3k agd

Do prefer this over the og map, quite flowy and easy-running.
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Demo Data

Heh, thanks. :3

I actually put some thought into the remix names. Not nearly as much as the remixes themselves, though.
so that the map followed a set pace which was kind of cool.

This seemed to break at the very end though, which led to a lot of waiting I didn't enjoy. Maybe I just did things in the wrong order though.

Also I like the names of your remixes :P


a lighter version.
i like those tunnels you've put in above the bottom right block and below the top left. that's a good idea.