Tread on Sure Ground

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Author gloomp
Tags author:gloomp ground on rated sm sure tread
Created 2010-08-15
Last Modified 2010-08-15
by 14 people.
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Description The first and only preview from my upcoming mappack.

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I liked this.

I was like, "How the heck do I get up there?" Then the trampolines blasted me up to heights not yet seen by my eyes. I thought this was fun, but the tiles aren't alluring. But the tiles did help the map's mechanics, and that's more important.

slow agd

fun map, a bit tedious
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which you can't prove.
I've changed my mind a long time ago. :P


is she a goldfish

oh hi

i am in tf2

my god, its techno

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where are you

looks at thsi guy

all high and mighty thnikngi that releasifng a mappack is a big deal well it isnt cause back in my day when i was you're age i painteds the mona lisa and invented the four slot toaster all while maknig dinosars extintc

so watch out glomp and all you r mappacks becauz they arent gonna be great be caus my shoes got 5 layers of dr scholls so i am gellin

delicious scones
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delicious structure

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bravo. great work, here
I wanted there to be a very strong division between the top and bottom sections. Furthermore, I wanted it to feel like you were infiltrating a secret facility, thus the long trek to get to the action. I'm glad you like the lauchpads, by the way. This is probably my second favorite use of lauchpads in the whole pack.
I used to have the ninja entering where that 2 tile is now, so the drone's a fairly recent addition. Do you think a mine would be better in its place? It seems like too much gold for just that measly floorguard to defend.

as a whole...

well there wasn't really a whole to this map. it was severely disconnected with no real good transitions, except for that little neat launchpad thing. the top area is relatively challenging and cool, but the bottom area is extremely confined and overbearing. i think you should remove the zap drone that's going in circles (by the floorguard) to ease it up a bit.

on a side note, that starting gold was a bit strange and pointless.

death demo. i can playtest your pack if you need me to ;)
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Somewhere, deep inside of her, a flame that had been burned out for years, lit.

As always.

4,5 rounded up.


Didn't like the edited lauchpads, or the mines in the upper right. But is was pretty fun. 4.

Also, I'm exited for your mappack now. Need a playtester?
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Fun map.
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i will clooooooooooooooooose myyyyyyyyyyy eyes, but i don't knoooooooooow whyyyyyyyy

bad demo, fun map
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ps 5'd