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Author bigblargh
Tags action author:bigblargh playable rated
Created 2005-12-03
by 6 people.
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Description Happy holidays, from the friendly 'ol Bigblargh. This map is not for wimps. Yes, it is possible. No, I am not Jewish. No, I am not Christian, either. I only made this holiday map because I thought making a Menorah would be a cool map. That, and, I see so much Santa crap I want to barf. It's a bit of therapy to me when I don't see "Merry Christmas!" every time I go online. Hopefully you won't find a similar problem looking at this map.

So, I'm off for the holidays. Play this map. Decorate your fir tree. Spin a dreidel. Do whatever else you feel like doing over the holidays. (with the exception of throwing bricks at cats.)

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I'm beta-testing another map.
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This shows you how to get around in the Menorah. It's the hardest part, so only watch if you're stuck.
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