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Author Ferox
Tags author:ferox race rated tricky
Created 2010-08-24
Last Modified 2010-08-24
by 10 people.
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Description Playtested by GRN. Enjoy!

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haha ok

Also ... with my map "flying fun" i have now changed it ... with your mod :D (i liked it better) and now it is very hard :P (kind of)

Ha ha! Thanks.


Usually i don't like race maps so much, but that was really good.
Closecalls are amazing. I felt like watching a dda wile playing it.
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Man I remember when someone or another discovered that 2 tile-8 tile-3 tile curve.
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awesome flow

and awesome race, I loved the floorguard close call.


YOU DESERVE 5 OUT OF 5 BY ME BUT THE THING WAS THAT THIS MAP WAS NOT FAST ENOUGH so i think i would have to give it 4 SPECIALLY because i could cheat my way INSTEAD OF GOING TO THE BOUNCE BLOCKS and going down the way when the game started, that is the only reason this map got a 4.
the jumping part when you had go over the thuwmp and the floorgaurd part was very good!!

lolz and enjoy!!!
sorry i wasnt able to show it in the demo
good work n enjoy
really, its too bumpy. try to refrain from using 3/4/8 tiles to make a ramp. The beginning was faaast >:O
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Maxed i think ^^
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That demo is epic. The beginning was as fast as hell. XD


Aesthetic is AWESONE, Flow is PERFECT, trick with enemies like the combo laser/rocket or the floorguard is GENIUS. One of the best race i've ever played, very fresh, very experimental. And so trickyyyyyyyyyy.
Underclocked Agd on demo, it took me a lot of time for make that but maybe sub 800 is possible ?
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flow's kinda bumpy but tiles are beautiful.

Mine 24+/-3.

Laser was fine, the rocket depends upon the lag of your comp. It's perfect on mine.

It depends on how high your ping is.

Fastest |
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i love nearly everything, especially the floorguard part
what i have to daclaim about is the laser and rocket combo, because i died there over 20 times i could have made a new record.
/i hope the grammer is right/ xDD

Just need to be a little faster...
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sorry :D

here a finishing demo :D
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watch demo
Demo Data

I had to z-snap that floorguard.

However, the enemies didn't do much. The floorguard scene was fun. Solid 4/5

The first jump felt little awkward, but otherwise good.