The First Law

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Author _destiny^-
Tags action author:_destiny^- destiny medium-hard playable rated
Created 2010-08-25
Last Modified 2010-08-25
by 10 people.
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Description You do not touch the other side.

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I'm just in a slump right now trying to make maps for it, and I just need some fresh ideas.

BTW, this map is pretty cool, a little hard for me, but still really fun. :)

wrote back

to the comment you wrote on my recent race. does the 'works' happen to be raceweek? cause 'blazehalberd' was supposed to be that race =/

Totally understandable.

it really is isnt it, anywhoo yeah i'll try, i really loved the way that one came out i don't know if the new will be worth it, cuz i thought the outher was gold. but i need platinum :D

So another tree one? but... with more switching and more. hmm sounds tuff, ill try.
haha yes it is, btw look whos a reveiwer wow. psst reveiw my map *cough cough* you didn't hear a thing...
Could you check my maps?

the fourth law

is that the third law is a lie

goddammit eganic

I was gonna say that
The second law of Destiny's map is you do /not/ touch the other side
really nice map :D if it wouldn't be so hard to me, i had AGDed it


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wasn't a huge fan

Decent AGD

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very good map

really good gameplay, the structure made it feel like an adventure, it was fun to explore. i thought the launchpad area was annoying though, and the rocket at the start could be quite awkward
faved though
Demo Data

I'm not gonna lie. That launchpad part is an absolute bitch. Other than that, good stuff here.


nice and a good map exept the starting rocket part which i personally find annoying :D other then that this is a rather good map deserving 4 out of 5!!
well done!!
Its got good difficulty and it looks great. Nice job.

Awesome thumbnail.

I think that this map plays in a very unique way. 4/5


the full size image doesnt work. =P
playing now. =P


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