Sandcastle Theory

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Author Ferox
Tags action agd author:ferox sandcastle theory tricky unrated
Created 2010-08-25
Last Modified 2010-08-25
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Speed run = 1 RCE.
AGD = 3 RCEs.
AGD + SR = 5 RCEs.


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I gave NDeavour's rce's but the rest will not recieve them until I get back from some appointments.

RCE's? :P

Demo Data
any of your maps. You just sounded like really moody when you said that - being sarcastic. Felt like mentioning that, as you didn't quite get that the other time.
Anyway. Just be cool, and if you have a problem and want to talk it over, just write... It seems like something is bothering you, you used to be so cool.

Slower speedrun

Also for the sake of speedrunning.
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And an intense AGD I thought I'd stuffed it up at the end but somehow made it through.
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Demo Data

Oh what?! I thought this demo was amazing but I watched the others and realised I was taking a painstakingly slow route
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Hey hows it going?

I'm kinda new to Numa cause I haven't been on for a long time. Could you check my maps?

Slow speedrun

For the sake of speedrunning.
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Nice map, and pretty difficult too.
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nice map.. but to hard for me to AGD xD
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