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Author MaximumRide
Tags action author:maximumride flowy multipleroute playable race rated
Created 2010-08-28
Last Modified 2010-08-28
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description My first attempt at a two-route map. You can either hold left at the beginning, or make a quick jump. I will post a demo for both routes.

This map was not made to all gold, as there is gold on both routes.

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You coming back?

Or just popping in?



happy 18th yo


and frogs

the end of MaximumRide. :<

Fun race.

I liked the upper route most, I'll play around for an all gold route later.

so i

cant wait to see the rain

but im still flyin'




Agd is funnier than 2 the normal path...

i liked it, but

i didn't really like the chaingun
also, AGD
Demo Data

Upper Route.

Also, the longer route.
Demo Data

Left Route.

Also, the shorter route.
Demo Data