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Author etdeshon
Tags author:etdeshon fun race unrated
Created 2010-08-31
Last Modified 2010-08-31
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Description Yet another map from me. This one i've had made for a while, just been waiting on posting it. But here it is! It took me about 2 weeks to perfect and finish, I really hope you guys like it.

Fun fact of the day: The name is my main's name on WoW. xD

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re-sent it

did you get it?
I'll just send it again.


I'd be willing to continue our race series. I need to find the time to do so though. Just PM me whenever.

yungerkid: i really liked fiction
yungerkid: i even favourited it
yungerkid: best race i've ever seen
Destiny: woah
Destiny: i wouldn't put it that high
yungerkid: i certainly would
yungerkid: unless i'm forgetting one
yungerkid: and i'm pretty sure i'm not
yungerkid: it's very creative
yungerkid: very polished
yungerkid: very fun
yungerkid: no flaws

Sure I would

Send me a start whenever.
if the top left wasn't such a pain.
I can't nail the jump to the very top on the second ascent on the right side. The first jump on the first ascent is tough for me too. :/

But I don't really like the gold placement either. However keep making maps dude, people do like them :)


you're one of the commenters i actually look forward to. it helps me a lot, and when you said that, i was like really upset.


I didn't mean it quite as harshly as it came out. I did actually play the map, and it's pretty excellent. The right hand side was fantastic, especially the ascent up through the one-ways. I loved that section. The left side was good, but nothing amazing. The laser often misfired at the top left the first time you arrive there, which made this map a little annoying at times.

It's a shame what's happened to the genre as of late. Stick it out though, something is in the works.


and by recent maps, i meant the last 2. all you said was you lost respect for me instead of the map stuff... =/


@da_man - i just didn't have a good morning. things were all bad this morning but they're fine now.

@destiny - i figured you didn't have much respect for me since you haven't commented on any of my recent maps.

Dude, calm down

This happens to me almost every time I submit a map, but eventually some people will see it and comment. Don't the forums still have some sort of map commenting thread? I used to use that, and it helped a lot.

As for the map:

I thought it was great. You did a good job on this one. I love the flow. The only thing I didn't really care for was the gold placement. 5/5 regardless.


this map has been up for 12 hours and it looks like the community has lost its interest in me. maps wont be coming out of me any longer, with how much time i spend on em, and i get 1 comment that means shit to me? looks like im done. hope everyone else has better luck than i do.


that you would say something like that because of a game i play... =/


I just lost all respect that I had for you.


here's the demo. good luck!
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