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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox episodic tricky unrated
Created 2010-08-31
Last Modified 2010-08-31
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Description Enjoy.

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Demo Data

Demo Data

Demo Data
A good jumper but there are a few things wrong: - Alright.

1. Remember the quote? It applies almost directly to mines. - Umm ... yes ... but where did I put too many mines?

2. You don't need all the panels. Only one to unlock the way to the blue switch and one to the door. The rest become irrelevant. - yeah ... I thought about that ... but put them anyway =P

3. The gausses were locked in. Take away one and place the other outside somewhere so that they actually do something. - ok ... I did that, so that if someone gets the exit doors open, then the guasses start to work.

4. The trap doors were unnecessary, to put it bluntly. - yeah, I put those to make it harder for someone trying to get a banner. (read my profile)

5. You should almost never put an exit completely behind tiles. - I did that as a new idea (seen as though not a single one of my maps has it like that)

Other than those few things, you did great! I give this a 4. - haha thanks ;)
not mutch of a chalenge but I like it
3.5/5 that's a 4
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You might want to watch this demo for an alternate view of going to get th gold on the bottom right.
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