Spinning In Daffodils

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- conceptual destiny jumper playable rated sensei
Created 2010-09-02
Last Modified 2010-09-02
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description My entry for Sensei. This could be the toughest map i've ever made. AGD included.

EDIT: okay maybe it isn't quite that hard, but it definately is up there.

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Cool map.

Demo Data

Sweet map

Looks like a race :0 But plays like a mine-jumper

fwoo. death

Demo Data

I like the map 4/5

This map is crazy,good job!


A clever concept

Plays well too, but there is simply NOOOO way I'm gonna be able to complete this. Well, I could. Just not right now, don't have the patience. I'll probably play it again latah!

Josh Homme

rocks my socks.

i thought it was all really easy except the end :s
cool map though
Demo Data
Then got the idea for a jumper, where each jump is initiated from a peice of race flow into a mine tunnel where you have to control your ascent/descent. I thought it was pretty smart.
But this is a jumper

Very cool.

And looks sweet. I like it. 4aved.

The start...

I know that from somewhere. Someone who made an awesome race... Hey, maybe it was you? :D

I like the thumbnail


thumbnail ever


This took some time to get, hehe.
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