Last true amateur series: The Caverns of Lingack-gack-gack

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-12-03
Last Modified 2010-06-12
by 24 people.
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Description "The last true amateur series" is a series of nice, usually very easy maps for beginners. This is the latest addition.

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Too hard for easy map.


Slow agd.
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Fastest All-gold

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mine jumpers rock

yay! fun map!
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wow and there were rumours i rated down your maps on purpouse! This map is perfect and flawless!!! especially for a n00b climber like me!!! My sugestion is that is a bit two hard but other than that its flawless!
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This might be the first time I've actually been distracted by a tileset while playing.

Speedy completion

A cool technique which I have never seen before, see the wall kick on the right.
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Straight to the userlevels.
I dont know why but it just rules.
Great work.

to mochtar:

Ah, sorry, don't worry about it.

I was in a shit mood, don't worry, no offence is really taken by me. Thanks, though, for your comment... Sorry for cracking it at you, mate.


very cool map (and thanks for making a map where i can get all gold, all your others are way too hard for me, but look so cool) 5/5


\/ definate noob lol


i beat it


i beat it


i beat it


i've beaten it in one try! wee!


I didnt read the comment you put. Very sorry formica


Don't you read map descriptions?

The point, is that these maps ARE easy. "too easy" is NOT a valid complaint, seeing as the entire point of the series is to MAKE easy maps for newer players.


Too easy

Good map, a tad too easy for me though.


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I have received n00b status! (i killed my self at end but i could of done it..)
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ive received amateur status!
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