Substandard Deviation

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch krusch playable rated
Created 2010-09-06
Last Modified 2010-09-07
by 10 people.
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Description So I just got this sudden urge to make a map today. For the first time in two years I felt like playing N again. So I re-downloaded 1.4 and made this.

Simple action map, very .. naïve? I'm not sure how to describe it. Maybe "earnest" is better. What I mean is it's pretty bare bones and basic, but I find it fun to play. About an hour's work.

Should be easy for most of you, but I found it tough at times if I let that chaingun get up near the exit switch.

Have fun!

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Really nice pure action map!
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2200th rate.




I hoped to get a demo before commenting, but I'm juts gonna say it.
"About time you're back!"
And I love your new maps.
you're that guy...

Bout time.

Lazy bones!


I like this map - this is a krusch map.


Abandoned my comment for fear of sounding like a dullard rather than a mallard.

Regardless, I'm excited to see what you'll come up with when you make more. WHEN.

Coming home from a hard day at a new college to see a krusch comment on one of your maps is the best thing ever. Haha, thanks.




i know you don't know me (although you may have seen my bastard comments as the user Mustardude) but i was wondering if there will be future maps from you? or are you gonna fizzle out like Mekkah, uNcoNditioNal, and formica did?



Cool map!

Welcome back, sir!

Welcome Back

Gave this a five. It's got a really classic feel. Hope you stay for a while.


Thanks for the rating. I guess you guys are happy to see me. -_-

No qualms with the visual style here? I didn't tweak it much. Started with one of the central trees, mirrored it, and extended the theme out. I wondered how that espect would be received.

Thanks for your comments, guys. :)


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Demo Data

welcome back, sir

amazing map 5aved + AGD
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Demo Data


i'm substandard
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Welcome back...

Epic map, can't say I found anything wrong with it. :X

Death demo.

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I meant

Sorry for the name mis-writing... ^^

oh man !

Krush is back !!!
Hi man ! :)
nice map.
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