Alighting Here

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Author mistaken72
Tags action author:mistaken72 goodbye hello medium playable unrated
Created 2010-09-07
Last Modified 2010-09-07
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Map Data

Description It's already five and I'm wondering how I'll be wasting my day
T'was only ten minutes ago I was walking the dog, as usual
Now I'm pondering over my misunderstandings, feeling bad for myself, filthy thoughts
I don't mind you accompanying me in my little epiphany through time
Just be cautioned, my depression is contagious. And so are my thoughts.
Picture us sitting by the beige shore, simply enjoying a calm breeze.

Enough digressions really, I'm running out of time to spend on pity
I presume that you've better things to cherish, not that it matters
I don't want to get up from this slumber, never woken up
Unperturbed, I am my own dream. Lying here facing a fading sun.
I barely noticed you were gone, just as suddenly as you arrived.
You're alone. I've stood up from waiting. Now you're next in line.

Now it's six. And I'm still wondering. How I'll waste my day.


I'm back. And now I'm gone.

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