A Guy in a Bar

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Author quegurjin
Tags action author:quegurjin mine sensei unrated
Created 2010-09-08
Last Modified 2010-09-08
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Map Data

Description A guy is in a bar talking to the barman. He says to the barman "I bet you 200 dollars that I can set up a shot glass, take three steps back and pee into the glass without missing a single drop." The barman agrees to the bet and sets up a shot glass. The man takes three steps back and starts to pee. He misses the glass entirely and pees all over the bar. The barman laughs and says "I win. Pay up" The guy says "OK I'll be right back" then he walks over to the other side of the bar where a man gives him a great deal of money. He pays the barman and the barman asks "What was that all about?" He says "I bet that guy 500 dollars that i could pee all over your bar and you'd laugh"


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haha lol

lovely description. 4/5 for map.