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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox playwright rated tileset
Created 2010-09-08
Last Modified 2010-09-08
by 8 people.
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Description I spent 3 hours trying to perfect this masterpiece. I was inspired by Brainstone (Tiles), and Script (Objects). I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did making it!

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It's decent

calling your own map a masterpiece is a bit much. though.
It looks like you made a tower from a Pheidippides map out of oneways (which play like tktktks glassmaze) and used Destiny's E+D tile aesthetics.

Long, slow AGD

A brilliant structure, with some wonderful mechanics. Excellent map.
Demo Data

Nicely done

It takes a little getting used to the particular maneuvers required (like the one-way section on the right, the odd angles/placement in the bottom left), but after that the exploratory feel comes out. Also it's quite pleasant to look at. Enjoyed. 4
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. . .

. . .5aved. . .

I may come out with another, similar one of these.


I aks for a reason for rating equal to or less than a 2.

This is weird

in a good way :)

very nice

It reminds me of my first feature; except this is better aesthetically and offers some more interesting mine jumping sections. Overall sweet.

I feel this will one day be featured.