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Nice map.
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Lovin' this.

I didn't get far, and I'm not one to crave for a userbar, but I'll try. 5aved.
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heres a completion.

on nreality too. first half of this demo is good, second half is very sloppy, but of well :D

very addicting, lots of fun, 5/5 :)
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Or if you have a map, it's command + Click on your highscore

really hard

I was incapable to complete it but it is a really awesome map,the parts that i could do(1st and 2nd) and the other parts(3rd and 4th) are really tricky.


Play this level in nreality (enter 205119 on userlevels), beat it, then Ctrl+Click on your score to submit it.


This was turning into a beast demo.
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Might I add I hate this. But in a good way. Death demo after coming soosososoososoosososo close.
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Demos to Nreality?
it's fun to fly up the 3rd column
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Pretty nice.

Too hard for me, but I can say that the difficulty is well balanced. Four.
But I have a completion as well.
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This is a Get Most Of The Gold Demo. Not a fan of these precision technical jumps, but the difficulty scaling was pretty well done.
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4/5 thought


my nreality isnt working but i sat for an hour and a half anyway...

first try, died on second pipe =D
2nd -> 10th died an the first fall.

3rd and fifth were equally difficult. At the end i wasnt sure whether i had actually done it or not so i checked far a bit, but i did it!!!!! =D
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oh yeah

Forgot the thwumps were enemies =/
No enemies. You are allowed mines."

Other than that, this is a great challenge. Working on a completion.


we go ;)
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4aved, so I can try later too ;)

I mean

the 4th... I cant get it


the 3rd pipe annoys me