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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox playable rated sensei tileset tricky
Created 2010-09-10
Last Modified 2010-09-10
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description For Sensei. You can use the tiles. Rate, Comment, and as always, Enjoy!

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parts of this are from my map and you denied it

i have not forgotten
Even if there's an alternate version he might like more. Also, there's no point to complaining about sniping. If it happened, just accept it.

A lot of tilesets look similar. This is not a copy, script.
Your rendition is good, but the gameplay is subpar.

i'm pretty sure

you still have to give credit even after not getting for permission. tbh i'm fine with you using my tiles but at least say they're based on mine.

*3.7 - 4.3

And you still are one of my favourite modern authors. I just don't tend to comment on good maps too much, unless they astound me in a way that I think they are too underrated.

90% of your production still goes to the 3.5 - 4.4 line.

I like to use 3 in objective sense.

Please cite me using that. I remember not saying such things, but I wouldn't be surprised if I would have selective memory here.

3 is above average. I just like to have Excelents which are standard for me. In a relative sense 3 is below average, but objectively it is above.

And I say that your screams about snipers only do encourage them, as seeing your reactions are rather comical (With all respect).

If you do not like this then play the non-sensei version and rate there!

And koipen, aren't you one of those people who only uses that excuse but instead when other people use it on you, you claim that 3 is only average?


Not very good. Remember that 3 is above average, and is good rating to have. As said before, this one didn't contain much jumperish elements, and it didn't seem to have purpose.


the non sensei verzion is more chalenging and it plays better I still liked this one more cause I only wanted the gold from it..
cause I just coulden't be botherd to try the agd on the non sensei version :)

It's pretty bad

It's not like tktktk at all. For one thing it hardly counts as a jumper. The trapdoors did nothing, and the gameplay was rather mediocre. Pretty decent aesthetics though.

Ha ha. My first rate was a 5 from Invalid. Then, two votes later a 3. Now a 2?

Then why is it a 2?

Also, fyi

I gave this a 3.
A 3 is a perfectly good rating. Means above average. I'd say this map is average. Gold looks good, so does tileset, but playing this is way boring. Nothing interesting here. So you should be really happy with a 3.

The less answers I receive, the more it shows you a pretentious d***.

Whenever I have a map on HM, I get sniped. I assume that happened here as the first rating was a 5. I ask that it stop.

Two Agd's and three 3s? May I ask why?


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