Ogami's Way

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Author krusch
Tags author:krusch featured krusch maze one-ways playable puzzle rated
Created 2010-09-12
Last Modified 2010-09-12
by 44 people.
Map Data

Description Did this go in Zenith or Ampersand? I can't for the life of me remember. Enjoy this balls-crazy map, or at least excuse the loading time.

This map was featured on 2012-09-05

In my travels through the forest of NUMA, I met a priest. He told me he could take me to a place beyond the pine and oak, to a place where opinion didn't matter and I could be one with the ways of N.

Unfortunately we took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up here.

Krusch's map Ogami's Way may not be the most appealing map but, because he has exploited one ways to such an extent, I believe it to be a 'must play'.

If you stay calm and remain focussed you should find your way through... — ChrisE

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Loved this map and

how the puzzle elements gave birth to a very distinct visual style, as well.

Shame--when this map first was released, I just remember that it was during a NUMA "whiny period", thus the comments and discussion over ratings, etc.
This is easily one of the cleverest maps this community has produced. It's arguably too hard, too long, and too repetitive, but wow, the puzzle aspect is fucking amazing.
The visual clutter adds to the puzzle aspect of it. Pity the floorguard was there, though. It ruined the flow.
Too much work put into varying the jumps for this not to be featured.
so i scrolled down to see what my comment was, then realized i never commented D: good stuff, i don't love it but i really like it.

Very cool map.

love the review xD

5aved (lol)

This is still amazing
it was fun reading all the comments... Make me a bit nostalgic of some authors too.

Nice choice ChrisE

This was a dronies award in 2010. 5th place.

This is one of the most amazing and well thought out maps I have ever seen. It is literally flawless. 5/5


So complex!
How long did it take to make?
That said, this part is just way too hard:
Demo Data

This ...

is the Baraba map I was talking about:

Thanks again for all the comments. :)


this map is amazing!!!! i dont know why it isnt in the features???

keep it up!!
it deserves: 4.8/5!!!


I'm glad! I really just didn't want to upset/annoy you. This wonderful map is cluttered with enough silly comments as it is...

Anyhoo, I am quite dandy and it's great to hear you're doing well. I don't come by IRC or do much with N period these days, but of course you were one of my favorite authors, and you can imagine my delight seeing you made a new map after two years, so I felt the need to comment and say hello. If I do drop by IRC at some point though, I hope you are around so we can chat! :)


That was not directed at you! It was a response to Radium!

I'm so so sorry! Sorry!

I'm great! How are you? Catch you in the IRC at some point?

My apologies.

I didn't realize it was a problem and was just trying to be friendly. I didn't have much to say about it other than I thought it was cool, neat, interesting (what have you) map, but thought it wouldn't be a big deal to throw in a "welcome back, how've you been?" in with my exceedingly brief comment on the map.

Sorry, won't do it again.
Saying exactly how I feel about this map.. it doesn't click for me either. But the bit about him talking about overrating a map I disagree a little, there is such a thing called an anti-snipe, which can be used in a way that isn't appreciated by many community members. :P
... that you use the map's comment section to comment on the map.


Nice to see you back in our neck of the woods, krusch. How've you been?

(Neat map.)


Lacks polish. With some mopping, this could have been a terrific map, but now it feels just incomplete and amateurish.


divine ruling? please, no. i am a lowly user.


i never intended to provoke a response.


anyway, i thought the map was conceptually great. i thought it was aesthetically well thought-out. the gameplay did not excite me. that is all i have to say. i guess i'll have to say it like this in the future to prevent radium-bashing
i love what you've attempted to pull off. its almost 100% original and it even looks pretty cool (like a fortress and all). and yet, every time i loaded the map up, this map didn't meet my standards for playing. half of the time i would screw up on the first jump, and the other half i would get really far and make a silly mistake. this made me not want to play the map any further. in other words, not enough replayability.

however, i CAN see why people would 5ave this. it's extremely innovative, and some pros (like romaniac) even have a blast playing it. unfortunately what i saw, and i think you mentioned this, was that certain people were just putting the word "5aved" and no comment/criticism. that just bothered me.

but "overrated" is such a dumb phrase. the author deserves whatever rate they get (unless it gets sniped) and this is no exception. so kudos to you, krusch. i'm just disappointed with some people (CAGE and Tunco for example) :(


Thanks for the compliment. :)
I think you're a great mapper. However, as mahi said, I just thought people were rating without thinking. /shrug.


You guys have been busy. Anyway, some responses a probably due ...

atob: Thanks for stepping in here. Your voice of reason is much appreciated.

Radium, Ethel: Look, you guys don't have to worry about whether other people like this map or not. I think what atob said is right on the money. Of course you're openly invited to comment negatively on any map, and rate accordingly, but I'd prefer you just leave your opinion on the map, rather than complain that the opinion of the masses doesn't match up to your divine ruling. In fact, if I'd known this map was going to generate such an immense response I wouldn't have enabled ratings, and then I wouldn't have to scroll past your bitching. :)

However, and I don't mean to trivialise anyone's opinion on this map, but I think mahi is right too. In the sense that after one "5aved", another "5aved" is much more likely to be given, and so on. That's just crowd mentality, but I think it has probably played a part here as it has always tended to on NUMA. Still, don't bother to complain about it please, at least not on my maps. : /

Baraba: Thanks for the comment. I feel that it's worth mentioning here that, from memory, this was greatly inspired by a map with some cool one-way usage that you came out with, inspired in turn by Sendy. Though I could be imagining that inspiration as it was a while ago ... regardless, if you know which map I'm talking about I think you should resurrect it. :)

Everyone who did enjoy this map: I'm glad. Thanks for telling me, and thanks for playing.

And that is an amazing speedrun, Izzy.
the 'implied' diamond shape where the exit switch is mesmerized me.


my kind of map. Nicely done.


everyones going nuts over this map. its a good idea, its just not my style. im sure its not a lot of people's style, just not the kind of map some people want to play, you know?

I gave you your 2000th rate <3

I remember the last time man. That was a good night. Get on more, I want to talk again, even though it only happened once, like, 6 months ago. >_>

atob, this is why you can't take a back seat here at NUMA. The assholes run rampant. On /krusch/ maps. :<

good concept

bad execution. nothing else to it.
by the way, i think you guys are rating without thinking. oh, there's something you hear... every day.




why did they remove that one comment

i love this

5/5. had fun playing it
And it's consistent.

It is what it is.

*all i


it's overrated

that's all have to say. simple as that. your turning this into something it isn't.


yeah, this is Daik. (from IRC last night)

Why not "I don't get what you guys love about this."?

And you wonder why people respond to you like they do...