Two Decisions Lay Before Me

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Author mistaken72
Tags action author:mistaken72 dream fun medium playable rated
Created 2010-09-14
Last Modified 2010-09-14
by 5 people.
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Description Only one consequence lay ahead.

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Some really cool bits, and I like maps with lots of little challenges (like Sendy maps), except I think they've got to be broken up. Having the rocket in this map is a major detractor, I think. Just doesn't work. Also I find the trampoline at the top has a tendency to send me bouncing off the tiles into the mines. I don't like that. >:(

But yeah, the little challenges themselves were cool. I could see them worked into a map differently and me really liking it.

Not bad.

Plenty of good ideas, maybe you should've implemented them seperately? Too packed for me. Still a 4 though.
maybe too many at once..

i liked it though. 4


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slow AGD

wow :D
There so many good ideas in it. Nearly best map I've played in the last time.
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cheated speedrun

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