Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

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Author Race_Week
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Created 2010-09-14
Last Modified 2010-09-19
by 6 people.
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Description Another grand tomb for even more grand people, this time royal members of the old Persian empire. It is said that this is where the word 'mausoleum' originates.

Author: MattyMc13 [] - Check out our profile

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It's really really good but one thing that very disapointed me is that if you go too fast you hit the last drone... so 4/5.


... I'm not a fan of the walljump on the left of the first rocket, but the rest of the flow is alright...
The path however seemed pretty bland, in general it just went right, left and again right :/...
I really couldn't say who this is though.

weird flow

doesnt look as bad as most race maps though


u keep posting it in the middle of my school days ;(


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the flow was weird

but in a good way. 4.5 up

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