Doughnut Plain

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Author DDRave
Tags author:ddrave featured playable puzzle rated sensei
Created 2010-09-15
Last Modified 2010-09-15
by 26 people.
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Description launchpad one-ways puzzle.


This map was featured on 2011-11-24

I'm always full of anticipation around this time of year - purely because I seem to eat more confectionery and pastries. I lick my lips, then bite into whatever I am presented with.
There is a place where every season is dessert season, where sugar coats the walls and the houses are made of gingerbread. It's illegal to leave home without a cake fork; and if you don't bring a spoon then you're an idiot.

This is Doughnut Plain. — ChrisE

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haha, fun
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playing this map again
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this is really cool!
Nicely done, sir. Makes me want to make a map like this.


Absolutely deserved featured. A simple but full-of-fun puzzle.

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First attempt AGD. Decent map, not to difficult to figure out at all.


Demo means "however" in Japanese...
Daily non sequitur.
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Just because the site goes down after a few hours every day, shouldn't mean that people can't see new things being put up every so often.
I'll change the feature every few days or so; for as long as necessary.

good fun

Thank god for ChrisE

At least 8

Judging by the comments so far.

nice i wonder how many people are still here to see this..

First try AGD

Good map. 4aved
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i meant that it actually is an amazing map. =D


first try agd

this was such an amazing map...
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A new feature.

First Try AGD

painfully slow, I know.
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Excellent. Should have made it into top 5 at least. A glitch map which won't get you killed randomly. Wonderful work here. 5


this map is really brilliant.

Man, this is smart!

And fun too
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Nice :D

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but it gets a bit annoying. 4

I can only agree.

Great work. 5.

Awesome map

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I never knew

that the launchpad glitch worked on all angles.
nice work.

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Stumbly demo.

I got it! :D
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Slow AGD

for those who can't figure it out.
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