Lighthouse of Alexandria

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Author Race_Week
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Created 2010-09-15
Last Modified 2010-09-19
by 14 people.
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Description The Lighthouse of Alexandria is perhaps the world's first lighthouse, built over 2000 years ago. It used mirrors and fires to guide ships to land at night, or possibly burn enemy ships down before they reached shore.

Author: _destiny^- [] - Check out our profile

This map was featured on 2013-12-16

The reconstruction of the crime scene, which took place on the very same night as the murder, indicated that the winged creature was shot in the back of the neck as he stood relieving himself. Ten measures of wonders fell to the earth, Alexandria received more than nine. Early in the morning the city sanitation crew washed the spatter of piss and blood from the Western Wall. — zoasBE

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A bit faster FBF.

The speed on the rightmost loop is pretty awesome. Hooray for cheating!
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Completed FBF.

Screwed up the ending, though.
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Races have for a long time been about making the smoothest flow, but not necessarily about innovation. I'm not saying that all races are identical, but that they all share some common factors that define the genre and constrain it in a way - and I feel the two basic styles of race, of wulfgang and of destiny have been tapped out - there is nothing to bring to them that hasn't already been done better.

For races to become a living genre, they need to reinvent themselves in some manner. However, they still need to keep their defining features to be identified as a race. I'm not sure what those defining features are.

But I think that generally, races need to become more abstract and move more towards the wulfgangian style and much beyond that.
The other was called Collapse, search it if you like this kind of thing. It makes me sad to see that i'm still on the recent races page after 2 1/2 months since i submitted it :(

Pretty interesting

A little finicky here and there, and maybe a little empty, but generally interesting. I especially liked the second half.
and here is my average AGD
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you will notice that this map is just big fancy loops.
but rly cool.

Amazing Race

Is Amazing! :D

i really like it! love the look.
AGD and 5aved. Whoever, this was amazing.
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favorite map so far~
I can tell that it's destiny, hahaha

I like this

vuuy much

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