Non Asimov-Compliant

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch drones playable rated survival
Created 2010-09-21
Last Modified 2010-09-21
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description It was too tough to keep this as simple as I wanted it while still being uncheatable. And even now, I bet somebody will come along and prove it cheatable. -_-

Enjoy, nonetheless, this pseudo-survival map. You may recognise the main chamber layout. :)

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You are the concept king. Not only do you come up with cool ideas, but you execute them amazingly. This was made perfectly. The chasers were just...WOW. 5/5. Saved.

Haha. Frets!

Sorry but I had to laugh at that last demo.

sub 3000 demo

chimneying could be better though :)

you should rename it: El Matador

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oh bitchfacedouche.

Demo Data

mad dodge, then

I get trapped. but shit this is fun. loving it
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Nicely done, ska.

That works. :)
pretty effective strategy, this.
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