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Author n0_ma11y
Tags author:n0_ma11y image-map imagemap n-reality nreality rated trigger
Created 2010-09-21
Last Modified 2010-09-21
by 16 people.
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Description --==Nreality==--
Check it out, please rate it too, if you comment and rate, i will find your maps and do the same!

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I don't like 6 angled star, but map looks really cool
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this is pure awesomeness.
if I knew how to make stuff like these I'd probably spend my whole life on the computer :D


The center with the glass image and fake 3D is excellent. It's bad that the box isn't complete like Aphex says. Rest of the image is a little disapointing but i understand what you want to make. There isn't gameplay but it seem like a test so it's ok. Anyways, you're a pro at Nreality mod.
Like Flameboots'... brother... O__o

I love the use of oneways to make the map feel it's actually 3D. However the glass box is missing the right and top sides :/

If the box was perfect; this would be excellent.

NR, as this seems to be just a test map. I really would love to see this effect used in an actual map.
I see your experimenting with 3D and glass image maps. This is cool.


the door doesnt open if you miss the normal door switch, and it doesnt stop spinning either
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but I kind of enjoyed it. :)


i dont really get it,The key spins around for a while... But nothing else happens?

but nice image

deserves: 3/5

I like the image.

You did a god job with that.

I made a demo in which I didn't get the door switch. Why is it there anyway?

I rate 4 for the image.
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awesom image map

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How did you get that door!?

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That door is fantastic!


But nice to look at. :D
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Maybe maxed.

Awesome image, kind of boring map, though.
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I don't get it

The key spins around for a while... But nothing else happens.

Cool image though.