Green Valentine

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch playable unrated
Created 2010-09-22
Last Modified 2010-09-22
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Description I keep overcooking them ...

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fast ish AGD

fun enough map, drone bit was a little clever. and the top bit was so scattered you kinda had to make your path for the gold different depending on where the drone was/how long you took to get to that point. which was cool. 3.5 down
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ergh. got trapped

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Demo Data

crappy speed

Demo Data


extreeeeeeemely slow up the top there. but still cool. hah.
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ugh, haha

but fairly sweet drone dodge.
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That bottom gold is sassy.
Nice to see you still around. :)

Oh yeah.

This might look flowy at times, but most of it is jumpery, tight and fiddly. Don't expect a smooth, open ride.

cool top

mines = eh


Completion demo.

Whee. Enjoy the map.
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