Boot Camp

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Author ChaoSilveresque
Tags author:chaosilveresque awesom insanity mines sensei unrated
Created 2010-09-23
Last Modified 2010-09-23
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
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Description The most intense training session EVER.

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Forgot to post the legit completion. If you wanna try the hardest map you can probably beat I recommend this one >.>

Terribly difficult noobish map of mine but quite beatable...
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Level is actually fun which is surprising given the thumbnail (no offense). 4 since it was surprisingly so >.>
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Not REALLY a sensei entry cuz it was a few days late, but it fits into the category of no enemies but mines. Thx a lot GRUNGER. Best feedback I've ever gotten on a map.
@ Blue Pretzel I don't mind that there are harder maps out there, because the goal in mind was to create the hardest map that I could still beat.


"mines AND gold..."
"... to September 15"

Also, I've seen harder.

by far the best map i have ever seen