Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox rated squares
Created 2010-09-25
Last Modified 2010-09-25
by 6 people.
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Description I really like the gameplay in this one. Enjoy.

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Good map

I enjoyed the simple tileset. 4/5


*moments, not play.



it isn't spectacular, but it is fun to play and has some fast-paced play in it.

Thanks, man.

My speed. Hrm...
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I would feature this. Or at least bitesize it.
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<3 this map.

Thanks, and...

The thumbnail is working! BTW, I beat epsiode 87 (finally) 5 minutes ago. Bring it on 88! >:D

Beautiful map.

4aved, just a few "mehs" with the laser placement. Great highscorability.
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Generic gameplay,

but the map is well made.

I'm glad to be back

just been really busy with real life stuff

and a way too slow agd :P
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btw... very nice map ;D 4/5 the rocket worked very well and i felt it was kinda split in two parts... the one with the laser and the one with rocket... very good... (do i use ... to much?)

speed-run... 444 :P
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Yesterday, I unlocked dark-grey ninja.