Coal Miner Niner

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Author DDRave
Tags action author:ddrave cave featured imagemap nreality rated
Created 2010-09-29
Last Modified 2010-09-29
by 32 people.
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Description NReality concept.

Ignore thumbnail.. Instead look at THIS

Thanks to Geej and RD for playtesting, and Geej for image map troubleshooting (I can't actually see any of the images)

This map was featured on 2011-12-15

I slowly make my way through the dim caves, hand pressed to the wall.
As I progress, shapes loom out of the darkness. I feel like they are coming for me, but at the same time I feel that they can't see me.
Water drips from the roof, and occasionally gold can be seen in the rocky sides of the cave. I take some, but it is no good to eat.
I want to get out of here, but I can't. I grow more tired with each passing day. I'm running out of food. I'm losing the will to li- — ChrisE

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Nice one

Too bad it kind of got skipped over, partly from downages and partly from the thumb. Anyway, I agree with eNlightened except I think the map worked a little better than he did. 5/5

Slow AGD

I... actually found this hard. I'm really rusty thanks to not being able to connect to server for over a month (did we get that fixed? awesome!)

Anyways awesome NUMA is back up and very cool concept, I'm giving this a 5 because the mod has massive potential and the aesthetics of the mod were very crisp. The map itself is fairly average.
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can't remember...
Demo Data


can't remember...
Demo Data


Demo Data

Oh nvm

as in taking ur image modifying it and also using your drone code :d
Love the concept. 5aved for sure.
Demo Data

Super cool!

Pretty sweet mod.


the black wouldn't cover the other objects either.

oh that makes sense

otherwise the brown might cover up some of the other objects


It's actually not a brown circle.

It's a huge black picture, with an erased center, with an offset to be centered on the ninja.

The background is brown.


wwo!!thats nice!!!!

deserves: 4.5/5


basically you stick a drone on yourself, disable its functions and apply an icon to it. in this case a brown circle with softer edges. item icons fall between the overlay and the underlay - this lets you illuminate the background without bleeding into the foreground.
"shifting black background" this makes no sense. the only thing moving in this map is you and the "light" behind you. you are illuminating darkness. you are a miner in a cave, so the dirt behind you is brown. this is only apparent where your light shines. this is exactly the appearance of the map.

"i can't see far enough".. "fix this flaw" your headlamp is only so big. how is that a flaw? this is how he intended the map to play.

my only problems with the map were not nreality related: i felt that the uppermost gold on the right was a little hard to get due to maybe too many drones in that area, combined with open doors and the tightest mines on the map.


Could you give me some tips or point me in the right direction for the light source mod please?
But the mod and image work is superb. Really crisp.

I think I might give it a go. ;)

amazing mod

but the shifting black background was distracting me from gameplay. I'm sure you could have fixed that.
I am pretty sure this is an AGD:

It is so hard to see down here.
Demo Data
the mines are tough to spot without enough notice though. 4


The map was based on the mod.

I tried to make it so that you had to move fairly slowly, as you didn't have much lighting, or idea of where to go, other than the tile outlines.

so summing up, gameplay was based off the mod. Map wasn't meant to be played without it.

Good map...

I mean mod. The map isn't that great. 2/5


Wow, really addictive gameplay !
The image is also really good but the light system bug a little with the border of the map.

really like this.

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doesn't cover up the poor quality of this map
But I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to make the light image that follows you bigger around the edges... I hate going into a corner, only to see a grey patch appear at the top of the opposite corner.

4/5 for this flaw, and faved.
done spamming o.o
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nice, faster

also, it is possible to hit nothing but the first corner, then the one just off the bottom and live, but the drones get in the way after you start back up
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AAAHHHHH!!! i wanted to try using that method for that lighting, but could never do anything good enough... :( this is epicly tasty tho. :)

new fastest SR

by a lot.. this was an epic run. only way to improve i think is a corner kick off that last jump. that would be pretty crazy though
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this was really classy!
Demo Data


this might be maxed for my route
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1st try agd

this is cool.
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Hey i find this offenceive too soon >:(
jk Awesome.


sharp mod there, fun.


fas as i could get given the lighting and the drone timing. I'd love to see a better run cuz im out of ideas
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ahaha u used my

Printscreen for the Thumb :DDD i feel all cool now.

All gold.

Pretty frickin' sweet. Love the lighting concept.
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